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" Strategic support for a European development "

Achievements List

The defence and implementation of projects
  • Research projects: research on a biological production system (RDFP; 2 million €);
  • Promotional projects: the design, elaboration, defence, management and implementation of promotional programmes (30 million €);
  • Environmental projects: the design and implementation of an agro-environmental rural development plan (20 million €);
  • PDO-PGI: protection of intellectual property and differential valorisation of food and drink products.
  • Defence and attainment of import control measures: introduction of a safeguard clause protecting European production against China, contributing to the creation of more than 6,500 jobs in Spain, Italy and Southern France.
  • Defence and attainment of the legalisation of the interprofessional concept: defence and validation of the legal and financial system of interprofessional organisations.
  • Defence and attainment of reconsideration of a monopoly strategy: the IFCO agreement aimed at monopolising the packaging logistics system.

To evaluate a file, one must:

  • Defence and attainment of the qualification of geographical areas into priority zones, benefiting more than 2 million inhabitants in the various territories concerned.
  • Defence and attainment of registration in the European scheme of a national road network, benefiting more than 400,000 inhabitants.
  • Introduction of several development actions for the Mediterranean products network (23 million €).
  • Increase in the value of the production marketed to the food and drink industry, making it possible to secure additional European funds (6 million €).
  • Defence and attainment of expansion of the content of the European study to certain sectors within the framework of the integration of Eastern European countries.
  • Management of European aids to international trade: EU/Andorra relations on milk products transit conditions for the account of the Chamber of Commerce of Andorra.

Exemption from national penaltiesOn the eve of France´s condemnation of its interprofessional organisation system, the Permanent Representative of DIALOGUE&EU-CONVERGENCES convinced the Community authorities to stay said condemnation (which would have been equivalent to 30 million euros), and then contributed to the validation of said organisational system, with as added value correlative European financings in the amount of more than 50 million euros as European co-financing.

Training / CoachingToday, the general lack of enthusiasm within the European institutions and amongst the citizenry must be overcome through mutual interactions on knowledge. The levers of action are both intercultural training in the management of European senior officials and dissemination of knowledge on the content and functioning of the European Union vis-à-vis the citizens.

Interculturality and youth.

Training and coaching within the European institutions

Common agricultural policy: development of new training and coaching concepts?

Organisation of permanent festival of mediteranean music in North Catalonia

Addressing itself to young adolescents, this project identifies - using comic books as support - the structural links between the various systems of thought, while seeking to demonstrate that the antagonisms are fundamentally artificial.

The European Commission deemed the project to be one of the best it had selected in this context.

More information on the project is available on the website www.valeurscommunes.org

Bick consortiumBICK Consort is the response made to a European invitation to tender. This approach resulted in the creation and accompaniment by DEUC of the BICK Consortium for training senior officials of the European institutions by the EAS (European Administration School).

BICK Consortium is an association of European companies specialised in management training and led by Bernard Julhiet Group, thanks to the support of DEUC.

More information on the project is available on the website www.bickconsortium.eu

AgrobiosciencesToday, the general lack of enthusiasm within the European institutions must be overcome through mutual interactions on knowledge, both on the management training of the European senior officials and on a dissemination of knowledge on the content and functioning of the European Union vis-à-vis the citizens.

Continuing the operating method initiated in the Common Values project, DEUC is at the origin of interventions on the decision-making process of the Common Agricultural Policy, which represents more than 40% of the European budget.

The top-priority objective is thus to create recognition.

Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament

European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development

President of the National Institute for Agricultural Research

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