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Representation - Evaluation - Analysis

" Strategic support for a European development "



ID picture of Joan Ruiz

"A Permanent Representative on the European level has to demonstrate the accuracy of his analysis in every situation, the correctness of his evaluation and the perfect balance between the means deployed and the objective sought."


Located in the heart of the European district in Brussels, just minutes from the European Commission, Council and Parliament, DEUC is a European affairs bureau at the crossroads of our developmental paths.

DEUC addresses itself to economic actors, professional organisations and territorial communities.

The simple reality is that economic or institutional actors that count are disadvantaged or even handicapped if they don´t have an outpost in Brussels. To assure this, in addition to handling specific files, it is essential to constantly monitor and analyse European texts. Our mission then becomes either to promote them, modify them or oppose them.

Our actions are also conducted vis-à-vis elected representatives, both European and national. Before the Commission we make the case for the positions we represent and we accelerate the seizure of new opportunities created by political actions.

We thus contribute to giving visibility to European policy and its potential or immediate effects on the entities we represent.

DEUC places its expertise in European affairs within the framework of the European project.

For 30 years, its permanent representative Mr Joan RUIZ, has been building his network of key Contact and determinedly following the progress of European decisions and their impacts.